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Feel more confident and radiant with your best colors

professional color analysis

Your closet is full of black, black and more black. Ok maybe other neutrals.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let me know if you can relate...

You don't have anything to wear, even though you have more than enough clothes. 

Shopping for new items feels overwhelming, so you don't buy anything, regret your purchases or buy something black again. 

You are going through a life change and need to readjust your existing wardrobe and feel more empowered. 

You'll learn all about your complexion's best colors, making you look radiant without much effort and saving you time and money. 

It applies to clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair. 



This is a pre-consult where you'll answer some questions, and I'll give you detailed instructions to get the best photos for your virtual color analysis. 

what to expect

Discover your best colors

  • Using your photos and details, I will test specific colors until discovering your unique color rainbow. 
  • Then a personalized color e-guide will be crafted just for you. 

A physical color fan deck delivered to your doorstep for reference when shopping.

Wanting more support around your style, and feeling confident picking outfits that already exist in your closet after initial color session?

Take the next step with me and do full styling package. 

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Once your personalized e-guide is ready, we will have a 25-minute call to go through your colors, makeup and styling tips, brand recommendations, seasonal shopping tips and any questions you may have. 

"I feel much more confident when shopping and putting outfits together. I cannot recommend this service enough!"

- marite

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yes, Let's do this!

ready to make a move?


yes, Let's do this!

ready to make a move?

Color special $397

I felt my closet before was stylish, but it didn't reflect who I was because looking stylish doesn't necessarily reflect feeling yourself. 

However, I now know myself more and want to show who I am through what I wear daily, and black? Black is reserved for pieces I genuinely love, and only wear it by choice, not because it's all I have. 

Being yourself and getting dressed will only get easier

I have started to shop in my colors for clothing and makeup and am finding it easier to say goodbye to pieces that I loved but never wore (now I know why!)

- jacqueline

Client love

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