It's 2013, the year I had my first baby. After a diaper change, I wash my hands and catch a reflection in my mirror.

A stained t-shirt, old yoga pants, and a face that says she's running on what seems like 5 minutes of sleep look back at me. I intend to change, but there's a whisper, "What for? All you're doing is feeding a baby and changing diapers".

From an insecure and tired mama wearing mostly black, grey and navy, to an empowered color expert who feels confident in taking up space and wants others to feel the same. This is my story...



A few months passed. Despite all the exercise, healthy eating, and ointments, my body is not "back" - it never left, it changed. My mom's voice resounds, "You can feel beautiful even if you're in pajamas." She had 5 kids, and I always saw her looking her best, even in pajamas.  

So I stand straight and say out loud, "I deserve to feel confident and beautiful even if I'm just changing diapers and being a human pacifier."

Days later, I'm taking my son to the park wearing boyfriend jeans, a camisole, a tweed jacket, and pointy-toe flat shoes. I feel beautiful. 

That led to openly sharing my style journey online and helping others feel beautiful.

I look down and lift my shirt. The round, big twin-like belly is now a deflated balloon with red lines drawn in all directions. The voice keeps whispering, "Oh, and by the way, only 10% of your closet fits or works for your new life."

My life, my body, and the woman I was are forever changed. I feel lost and alone. I'm away from my mom, family, friends, and country. It was only my baby and me for most of the day. I didn't know who I was anymore besides my baby's mom.

Had I let myself go? 

My Story

Often, I'd only do it to avoid the "she let herself go" type of comments and receive validation. 

However, I stopped caring when my mental health hit rock bottom. "Why put makeup on if I'll cry all day anyway?"

Putting effort into your appearance is one of those things that can be good or bad depending on the why.

The style I'd adopted based on whatever was on trend, others' opinions, the place I lived, or how much I could fit in differed from who I was and wanted to become. My full-of-basics in black, grey, navy, and white closet didn't feel...ME. 

So I dived into information about how to discover the colors that would enhance my complexion and silhouettes that would compliment my petite, short-legged, slightly curvy body— until finding myself in a classroom in NYC learning from talented stylists. 

Experiencing mental health struggles has led me to dig deep into who I thought I was vs. who I genuinely am and will keep becoming, translating into my style. 

You are unique, and so is your style. And you can be confident and look like a million bucks regardless of your budget, lifestyle, or size. 

Finding my true style has been one of the most fulfilling things I've done for myself. My heart skips a beat when I open my closet doors and see the colors and different styles. Now I want that for you.

Julieta helps women bring color into their life and empowers women to feel self-expressed, confident in who they are, and shine like never before. Her consults honor people's unique backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. With over 15 years of experience in the fashion and style industry, Julieta knows all the behind-the-scenes of designing and creating a garment to understanding how it can be part of people's lives and affect how they go through them. Lastly, Julieta is a regular editor of the lifestyle blog "The Mom Edit," which reaches over 2.5 million visitors each, offering simple style ideas and solutions for busy moms and women. 

Julieta is a proud Colombian of Indigenous descent actively working on reconnecting to her roots. She lives in Westchester County, New York, with her husband and two beautiful sons. 

Julieta Torres is a color expert, personal stylist, and nature lover working to bridge style with identity using color and self-love as the primary vehicles. 



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